Sociology and Psychology

Individual differences looks at the ways in which we are all unique and different. The focus for this unit is the study of Anxiety disorders. This includes the study of two specific disorders – phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

A general introducing to several approaches in psychology each of which explain human behavior in a different way. Each approach is then linked to the particular application of gender behaviour.

Cognitive Psychology is the study of the human mind. It is concerned with the way we receive, understand and process information from our environment. 

You will undertake a detailed study of Memory – why do we remember some things which may be trivial and not others (like exam material!) which are important to us? This section of the course will include practical suggestions on how to improve your memory.

Social Psychology is concerned with the behaviour of people in social situations. You will study the ways in which the presence of other people affects your behaviour – for better or even sometimes, for worse!

The topic of Social Influence studies the factors which lead us to behave differently in group settings through conformity and obedience. You will also discover the circumstances which will lead even the mildest of people to disobey!

Welcome to Psychology - one of the most varied and interesting subjects within the Social sciences.

Psychology has been defined as "The Scientific study of Mind and Behaviour" and its subject matter is YOU - a unique human individual.

AS Units based on the WJEC Specification
AS Units based on the WJEC Specification